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Tree damage to townhouse during a storm

This townhouse had an extra large tree fall on it in Chesterfield, VA.  The homeowner asked her neighbor who to call and she said to call Janet and her amazing contents crew at SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland and Caroline. 

With so many contents to deal with in this home, Janet and her many years of pack out experience were much needed.  Janet and her crew got working right away and helped this homeowner get all of the contents and furniture out of the house so that the construction team could get in and perform their work.

SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland and Caroline can help you with your storm damage.  Call us today at (804)730-6788.

Tree damage to home during a strom

This home in Ashland, VA had a tree fall on it during a recent wind storm.  There was roof damage to the master suite and hall bathroom.  We were called in to clean up roofing debris, tree debris, blown-in insulation and there many contents to clean as well.

SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland and Caroline arrived on-site ready to work.  The customers were astonished at how quickly we were able to perform our clean up work.  The crew worked to provide a clean and safe work area for the construction company.  

The contractor even made a comment of how clean we had gotten the work area.

Commercial Water damage

This commercial building had a major pedestrian traffic hallway get water damaged during their busy tax season.  Our customer's main request was for us to get the area dry as quickly as possible.

We were able to get the carpeting and drywall wall dry very quickly so that their business was not impacted in any way.  Our customer was very happy with the speed of our initial response time and then all the speed in which we were able to perform our work.

SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland and Caroline can help you and your business get back up and running quickly.  Give us a call at (804)730-6788.

Commerial water damage

This Commercial building in Mineral, VA had a kitchen supply line burst and water ran overnight.  There was over 9,000sf of water damage we had to help clean up.  There were 3 separate businesses that were affected by this water loss. 

The landlord and the tenants of this building were very happy with how quickly our crews arrived on site and got the tenants spaces dry so that they could continue to work.

We did perform demo to speed up the drying process on this loss.  The landlord's request was for us to have her tenant's dry and back to work ASAP.

We were able to work quickly and make this water loss "Like it never even happened." 

fire damage in bedroom - laptop caught on fire

This home in Richmond, VA suffered a large amount of fire damage throughout the home.  There was a strong electrical odor associated with this fire as well.

The door was shut to the bedroom where the fire occurred which helped save the house.  Had the door not been shut the homeowner's may have had to bulldoze this home.

Most of the wall board, flooring and bathroom fixtures had to be replaced due to the extent of the damages.

Once the affected building materials were removed by the contractor, we were called in to clean and deodorize.

We were very successful with our deodorization of this home.

Fire damage in kitchen

This photos shows the destruction that a fire can have on a home in just a short period of time.  This home was struck by lightning during a summer thunderstorm. The majority of the drywall had to be gutted down to the studs. 

We ended up soda blasting the exposed wooden framing and then we ended up spray sealing all of the exposed wooden framing. 

This soda blasting and spray sealing aided in the odor removal so that the home would not have any lingering soot/fire odors.

The homeowner was very happy with our work and could not believe the difference our work made.

Why SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline?

Why SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline?

There are many reasons why you should choose to use SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline:

-our staff is high trained and certified

-our staff is courteous and friendly

-we have top of the line/cutting edge technology and methodology to get your job done quickly

-we have already seen any job you can call us with

-we are quicker to any disaster

-we make it "Like it never even happened."

-customer service is our specialty

Call SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline for your next loss and we can show you Why SERVPRO!  We can't wait to hear from you.

Commercial Crawlspace Mold

In this photos you will see mold growth on the osb sub-flooring.  Our crews had to remove the insulation in order to properly clean the mold growth on all of the wooden framing in the crawlspace. 

This mold grow was due to the wood being wet during new construction.  It is always a good practice to inspect your crawlspace regularly.

We are the leader in mold remediation and would love to help you clean any mold you may find in your crawlspace or inside your home.

Please call us at (804)730-6788 so you can schedule a mold professional to perform a thorough inspection.

Mold caused by high humidity

In this photo this is mold growth under the stairs in an unfinished closet.  When the home was built proper caulking was not performed to keep the humidity out of this unconditioned area.

As a result of humidity over 60% mold developed over time.  You will need to mechanically control the humidity during the wet, humid summer months to ensure mold will not develop.

Please call our office at (804)730-6788 to schedule any mold inspections or humidity checks in your home or business.

Mold can be scary, but call the right company that is experienced and has the certifications to perform the work per the EPA Guidelines.

Burst pipe water damage

This photo shows the extent of damage that can happen from a frozen/burst pipe.  In this specific water damage a pipe burst under the master bathroom sink.

When we arrived to the house the ceiling in the living room had fallen and the ceiling fan had also fallen.  The entire house was water damaged.  We had to remove: drywall, insulation, hardwood flooring and carpeting.

We ended up packing and moving out the entire house in order for the contractor to perform all of the repairs.

Water Damage Pack Out

Debbie, Paige and Janet were working hard at a house packing out contents from a basement.  The customer had a water damage that affected his contents he had stored in the basement.  Before you are able to pack contents out of a basement you want to make sure the humidity levels are under control through the use of dehumidifiers.  Once the humidity levels are under control, we will dispatch our packing crew to work towards removing their content so we can dry their structure properly.  Our packing team works hard so you don't have too.  We make it "Like it never even happened."

Sump Pump Failure

During the month of May the area experience a lot of rain fall.  These storms would happen frequently dumping a tremendous amount of rain in a short period of time.  As a result, we received a lot of work where sump pumps were failing and could not keep up with all the rain. This homeowner experienced that exact thing in their basement.  We had to come in and assist with the mitigation and help them through the process.  SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline was there to make it "Like it never even happened." 

Frozen Pipe - Very Cold Temperatures

The end of 2017 and into the beginning of 2018 our area experience several days of temperatures below freezing.  As a result this homeowner experienced a frozen pipe that burst and cause severe damage to their home.  Walls, ceilings and flooring were damaged.  After working closely with the homeowner, the insurance company and the contractor the homeowner was able to move back in to their home. 

Storm - Fallen Tree on House

This is the aftermath of a living room after a tree fell on the house during a thunderstorm and was removed off of the home.  The structural damage to the house required that the homeowner be packed and moved out so repairs could take place.  A year later the homeowner was able to move back in.  What a scary situation for the homeowner, but SERVPRO of Hanover made it "Like it never even happened."

Lightening Strike - storm damage

This home experienced a lightening strike from a summer thunderstorm.  The homeowner's were not home at the time of the lightning strike, the neighbors saw the smoke and fire.  The entire house was affected by smoke, soot and odor.  We were only able to pack and move out a few personal items.  This home had to be gutted, cleaned and repaired.

This large loss was a lot of work by all of our employees.  

Back Up of Drains

This homeowner experienced a back up of his floor drain that damaged 75% of his condo.  It is important to add back-up of drains and sewers coverage to your homeowner's policy.  This  makes sure that when something like this happens you are covered by your insurance company.  Many people do not realize that this type of coverage is very reasonably priced.

Gas Logs - Soot

Gas logs are a common cause for soot in the home.  This homeowner ended up having their entire home cleaned due to the soot that had dispersed throughout all the bedrooms, bathrooms, living room and kitchen.  Our cleaning crew started cleaning ceiling to floor to prepare the home for any painting that needed to take place due to soot staining.  SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline can handle it all!

Humidity Driven Mold

A local home builder was in the process of building a new home and in the process discovered humidity driven mold growth throughout the finished basement.  SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline was called in to assist with the remediation for the home builder.  We made it "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Building - Water Heater Burst

A commercial building has a tenant located on the first floor where a water heater is installed in the ceiling of their break room. We received a call on a Sunday that they needed our assistance with mitigation services.   A number of suites were affected and we were able to responded quickly and assist our customer.

Kitchen Fire

Sometimes we start cooking in the kitchen and get distracted.  This homeowner was cooking something on the stove top and forgot about it.  Luckily with him being a firefighter he minimized the damage because he knew how to handle the situation.

Supply Line Burst and Ran All Day

When you leave for the day and come home to find your entire house flooded is a very overwhelming ordeal.  This homeowner's bathroom supply line to the toilet on the second floor burst and ran all day causing severe damage to floor coverings, walls, ceilings and the crawlspace.  Here is a photo of the living room during the drying process after all the demo had been completed.

Mold in the Crawlspace

Mold is often found in crawlspaces especially in Virginia due to our high humidity levels during the summer.  This homeowner had a pipe leak in the kitchen that caused moisture in the crawlspace.  With the moisture and the humidity this crawlspace started experiencing some mold growth.  The mold was properly cleaned and the homeowner is moving forward with their repairs.

Blown-In Insulation - HVAC

This is a picture that shows blown-in insulation all over a bookcase and the floor of a room.  Often times we will go over vacation and come home to surprises such as this.  This homeowner's HVAC unit is in their attic area.  It had a malfunction and created a water damage that caused the ceiling and blown-in insulation to fall down.  SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline was there to remove the wet blown-in, dry the structure and clean the content that was in the room.  We make it "Like it never even happened."

Mold Cleaning - Sealing

Mold cleaning is a case by case situation.  Not all mold jobs are the same, and sometimes you have to take the extra step of sealing.  In this case, the basement had some stairs that need to be cleaned and afterwards we sealed the bottom side of the steps with a clear sealer.  You can tell because there is a shine to the wood now.

SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline is here to make it "Like it never even happened."

Fireplace Sodablasting

Kyle is geared up and working hard sodablasting this fireplace that has soot damage after a fire.  Sodablasting is a great way to remove residual soot on surfaces such as bricks, wood and stone.  This is a common process for us to utilize during fires, and is a very successful method.  It saves the insurance company money and the homeowner time.

Grease Fire

Often times we get distracted after we have put something on the stove.  This homeowner was heating up a pot of grease, and the unthinkable happened.  Luckily the homeowner was still home and was able to put the fire out with their own fire extinguisher to decrease the damage to their home.  They contacted their insurance company to put in a claim, and we were contacted to help with the clean up.  

SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline will make it, "Like it never even happened."

3 Story Apartment Building Water Damage in Richmond, VA

This was a 3 story apartment building water damage in Richmond, VA that affected 8 separate units, 3 hallways, 1 office and 3 lobbies. With a fast response time, SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline was able to get the building dry and ready for repairs in 4 days. Our customer was very happy with our quick turnaround. 

We are always on-call and ready to help in any fire or water emergency situation.  SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline we make it "like it never even happened."  Call us today, 804-730-6788, to help with your water damage, fire restoration or mold remediation! 

Hallway - Drying Process from Water Damage

SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline can help with residential or commercial water damages.  Here our team is working hard pulling cove base and installing equipment in the hallway of the apartment building in Richmond, VA. 

Did you know that if you pull the cove base and pop holes in the wall you can dry the wall in place.  What a great way to save the insurance company and the customer money by not tearing out drywall. 

We make it "like it never even happened."

Call SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline at 804-730-6788 if you experience a water damage!  We can handle it all!

Warehouse Drying - Carpet Tiles

At the 3 story apartment building water damage in Richmond, VA we were able to pull carpet tiles out of the hallways.  We will bring the carpet tiles back to our ware house and set them up like the picture above.  After the blocks are placed in between the carpet tiles, we add air movers to the piles to dry them out.  This process saves the customer time and money so they do not have to replace the carpet and can have the tiles reinstalled when they are ready! 

SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline, we make it "like it never even happened!" Call us today at 804-730-6788 if we can help you with a water damage, fire damage or mold remediation.

Paige McDowell, playing golf at a charity event.

Check out Paige McDowell representing SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline at a golf tournament.

Each year, we select a few golf tournaments to participate in throughout the area. This year we are participating in the Hanover Industrial Air Park Association's Charity Golf Tournament at the Hanover Country Club.  We enjoy participating in events that are local and close to use, because we want to give back to the community when we can.

We like to start out our Monday's with golf and a charity event. It's a win-win!

"Roots" and Lovelace working hard at the K9 Heroes Day Celebration.

This year, we sponsored a booth at the k9 Heroes Day Celebration. What a fun event that included a run and a walk, live demonstrations of command and protection with military and police officers (with their furry partners), music and even howling contests. With all those furry friends and their owners, we know SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline can help with any of those "unforeseen" accidents!

Matt is always on the go helping our customers.

Matt Clemens is our Production Manager and works hard to ensure our customer's are happy. When a problem does arise, he is there to take care of the problem and make the customer happy. You can also find Matt working hard at water damages and packing and moving our customer's for repairs. Needless to say his work truck gets a lot of miles.

Patrick and Debbie working hard on a commercial structure clean.

This is a commercial business that experienced an electrical fire. We were called in to assist with the structure cleaning and soda blasting to prep for painting and any additional repairs the owner needed to make from the fire. Pictured we have Patrick and Debbie cleaning. We also had several other members of the SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline team working hard cleaning who are not pictured; Janet, Weston, Chris and Kyle.

Chris McDowell is suited up to soda blast a crawlspace for a homeowner.

In Virginia, we have high levels of humidity and if your crawlspace is not sealed properly or you have moisture in your crawlspace you can experience mold growth. Sometimes we can clean the crawlspace by hand, and other times when the mold growth is too heavy and we use a soda blasting method. Chris McDowell is one of our Crew Chiefs who specializes in soda blasting. Soda blasting uses explosive force of the soda to peel away the mold on the wood. Soda blasting is also a great method to clean houses where wood framing has been affected from a fire.