Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Residential Fire Damage

These photos show the before and after of the electrical fire loss. All of the building materials had to be removed and replaced due to the extent of the damag... READ MORE

A fire effected bathroom in Ashland, VA

Take a look at this bathroom! This house experienced a pretty nasty fire. On the left you can see the black soot that is coating the tile lined shower and has ... READ MORE

Content Cleaning in Fredericksburg, Virginia

When homeowner's experience a fire in their home, there are times where we will need to pack their content and clean it at our warehouse. There is a cleaning a... READ MORE

Apartment Fire in Richmond, Virginia

This is an apartment in Richmond, Virginia that had a kitchen fire. The fire affected all the rooms in the apartment where we had to clean the structure and con... READ MORE

Garage Fire in Woodford, VA

When you think of a garage you often think of storage. We store our tools, our yard equipment, our cars and so much more. Sometimes we can experience a fire b... READ MORE