Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Residential Water Damage

These photos show where water damage from an ice maker line to a fridge damaged the pine hardwood flooring at a home. We tried to dry the flooring with rescue ... READ MORE

Residential Water Damage

These photos show where we performed demolition of the vinyl and luan flooring in a bathroom. This work was from at toilet overflow. Due to this being a categ... READ MORE

Residential Water Damage

These photos show before our crews removed the water damage flooring from the water heater that had burst. The after photo shows how clean our demo work is per... READ MORE

Dishwasher Leak

The photo on the left shows you the kitchen floor in front of the dishwasher. The dishwasher had a leak and effected the laminate floor. At a quick glance it ... READ MORE

Whole House Water Damage

A homeowner contacted SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline about a water damage at their house. We received the call after hours and responded immediat... READ MORE

Condo Water Damage

This homeowner had the unit above them cause major water damage to their unit. All but one room was effected with water damage to walls, ceilings and flooring.... READ MORE

Water Damage - Basement in Ashland, VA

Where do you store your extra content when you don't want to climb up to the attic. Some people use their basement for storage. To the left is a picture of a b... READ MORE

Ice Maker Line Leak in Mechanicsville, VA

Ice maker line leaks can be very sneaky. When your refrigerator is pushed to the wall, and the ice maker line is wedged between the refrigerator and the wall, ... READ MORE